WEPA!BOX & JETBLUE te acercan a los tuyos - WEPA!BOX
  1. RAFFLE: The name of the raffle is “WEPA!BOX Y JetBlue® TE ACERCAN A LOS TUYOS”.
  2. This raffle is sponsored by WEPA!BOX PUERTO RICO and PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE), whose headquarters are in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  3. DURATION OF RAFFLE: The permissible time to participate in the raffle will be from 12:00 PM on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 and entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 (“Sweepstakes Period”).
  4. ELIGIBILITY: Will be eligible to participate all natural persons, older than twenty-one (21) years of age who are subscribers of WEPA!BOX, either by having a valid annual subscription to WEPA!BOX and/or by subscribing and ordering their WEPA!BOX within the “Sweepstakes Period” and in the manner indicated below (“How to Participate”). Also will be eligible to participate all those who send an email to [email protected] with their full name, postal address, telephone number and email address and specifying in the “Subject” of the message “PARTICIPATION FOR THE DRAW”. Subscribers must comply with each and every one of the Terms and Conditions to be a bonafide subscriber of WEPA!BOX (such as being of legal age), which are stipulated on the WEPA!BOX membership page, www.wepabox.com. No employee of WEPA!BOX PUERTO RICO, PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE) and/or JetBlue®, nor their family members up to the 4th degree of consanguinity and 2nd degree of affinity will be able to participate. WEPA!BOX PUERTO RICO and PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE) reserve the right to determine the validity of the entries and to reject them if they do not meet the requirements of the draw. WEPA!BOX PUERTO RICO and PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE) will not accept, nor be held responsible for names, addresses, telephone numbers or other registration data that are false, incomplete, illegible or incorrect.
  5. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: There are three (3) ways to participate, the “a” option indicates how to participate without the need to make a purchase:
  • It is not necessary to purchase anything to participate. Those interested in participating free of charge must send an email to [email protected], during the validity of the draw (“Sweepstakes Period”), with their full name, postal address, telephone number and email and specifying in the “Subject” of the message “PARTICIPATION FOR THE DRAW”. Only one participation email will be allowed per participant and must be received during the participation period. The participant must include in the email all the information required here for their participation to be valid. For the Draw date, all received emails that have the complete information that has been requested, will be included in the list of participants of the Draw.
  • By making one (1) purchase ordering on www.wepabox.com one (1) box of WEPA!BOX (the March Box) within the “Sweepstakes Period” or by subscribing to an annual WEPA!BOX plan within the “Sweepstakes Period.” By subscribing and ordering your WEPA!BOX during the term of the “Sweepstakes Period”, you will automatically be eligible to participate. Each individual order of one (1) WEPA!BOX box equals one (1) participation and, each subscription to an annual WEPA!BOX plan equals one (1) participation. For the date of the Draw, all the names of the subscribers specified here will be included in the list of participants of the Draw.
  • All monthly and annual subscribers who have their WEPA!BOX account current and active by the date of the draw, and that already ordered the May box of WEPA!BOX, will automatically be eligible to participate.
  1. PRIZES: One (1) round trip travel certificate courtesy of JetBlue® will be drawn for one (1) winner. The certificate will be valid for a round-trip domestic flight to any destination between the United States and Puerto Rico. One (1) certificate will be awarded per winner; one (1) winner in total. The travel certificate will be subject to compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Travel Certificate stipulated by JetBlue® (See Section 9. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF JetBlue® TRAVEL CERTIFICATE.
  2. DAY OF DRAW:  The draw will take place on Friday, May 17, 2019 at 3:00 PM in the presence of a lawyer, a promoter and a WEPA!BOX representative. One (1) winner and three (3) alternate winners will be selected at random from all registered entries. The selection will be made from the database, composed of the total of accumulated participations during the “Sweepstakes Period“, using an application that will make the selections randomly. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received and/or subscriptions received within the “Sweepstakes Period”. Subsequently, a WEPA!BOX representative will be communicating with the winner using the contact information provided for the notification of the prize and explain the details for the claim. The alternate winners will be called to substitute in the same order in which they are selected in case the original winner does not claim the prize or is subsequently disqualified.
  3. WINNER NOTIFICATION: In the event that the winner of the prize has been a WEPA!BOX subscriber, he/she will be notified by certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the address that appears registered in the files and/or database of his/her  WEPA!BOX subscription. If the winner is a participant who had sent his/her participation email to [email protected], he/she will be notified by certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the postal address included in his/her participation email. From the date on which the winner receives the notification of the prize in writing, he/she will have thirty (30) days to claim the JetBlue® CERTIFICATE by contacting WEPA!BOX with the contact information that will be provided in the correspondence that he/she will receive. In case of not claiming it during that period, he/she will lose the right to the prize and it will be awarded to an alternate winner.
  4. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR JetBlue® TRAVEL CERTIFICATE: Each Travel Certificate is good for one-time use by one person in accordance with the travel restrictions identified on or in connection with the Certificate.  All travel must be booked and flown within the specified validity dates. In the event that a Travel Certificate does not include dates of validity, the Certificate shall be good for travel booked and flown within one (1) year of the date of issuance. If specific flights or departures/destinations are not identified on or in connection with the Travel Certificate, the Certificate may only be redeemed for one-way JetBlue® flights to/from JetBlue® cities. (Not all JetBlue cities connect; call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2538) for information on connecting cities.)  Redeemed travel is subject to availability, blackout dates, and capacity controls (flights to/from Caribbean destinations subject to heightened capacity controls), and seats may not be available on all flights.  Flight schedules are subject to change without notice. Certificate is not valid for bookings on Mint, partner airlines or code share or interline flights or for use in connection with JetBlue® Getaways vacation packages, cruises or any other products or services. Certificate is transferable; however, at no time may it be purchased, sold, bartered, traded on an auction website or otherwise exchanged for value without prior written consent from JetBlue.  Certificate cannot be partially redeemed, is not redeemable for cash, and has no cash value. Passengers are subject and entitled to all provisions of JetBlue’s Contract of Carriage. See http://www.jetblue.com/p/jetblue_coc.pdf for details.

If traveling outside of the United States of America, passengers are responsible for any and all documentation requirements, including but not limited to, proof of citizenship and all applicable visa requirements. For travel to Cuba, each passenger must comply with regulations administered by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and is solely responsible for ensuring that his or her trip is authorized under at least one of the OFAC approved license categories and for obtaining any applicable visa.  JetBlue® is not responsible for a passenger’s failure to present or provide adequate travel documentation required by the applicable laws of the territories a passenger is traveling to or from.

Government taxes and fees apply to travel booked using a Certificate, are the responsibility of the passenger, and will vary based on route. For travel to Cuba, the fees payable will include Cuban government-required health insurance coverage provided by Asistur, the terms and conditions of which can be accessed from the ESICUBA website: http://www.esicuba.cu/ProdPersonas.html. Government taxes/fees are subject to change as required by law. Passenger must pay all applicable taxes and fees using a major credit card at the time of booking. To view more information regarding applicable taxes and fees, see http://www.jetblue.com/legal/taxes/. Passenger is solely responsible for fees for any oversized, overweight or extra baggage and fees for products/services sold separately, such as Even More Space seats, pet fees, in-flight movies, etc. To view baggage fees and other optional services and fees, see http://www.jetblue.com/legal/fees/.

CLAIM OF PRIZES: A Travel Certificate may be redeemed only by calling 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) and providing the authorization number and PIN number included on the Certificate.  Travel Certificates may not be redeemed at airport ticket counters or online. The authorization number and/or PIN number cannot be replaced if lost or stolen (except as required by law), and JetBlue® is not responsible for lost or stolen Travel Certificates, authorization numbers or pin numbers. Customers will not be able to redeem their Travel Certificate without the authorization number and PIN. Redeemed travel is not eligible for TrueBlue® points. (TrueBlue® is JetBlue’s loyalty program.) JetBlue’s change/cancel policies (including certain change/cancel fees) apply.  If passenger is a no-show for reserved flight or does not change/cancel prior to scheduled departure, passenger will forfeit the Certificate(s) and all money associated with the reservation. Additional terms and restrictions apply. See http://www.jetblue.com/legal/ for details.  

  1. TRANSFERABILITY OF THE PRIZES: The prize may be transferable subject to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of the JetBlue® travel certificate (See Section 9. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE JETBLUE TRAVEL CERTIFICATE (TICKET). The prize, in whole or in part, will not be substituted for other goods or objects and/or for cash. Prizes do not include personal expenses, deliveries and/or any expenses beyond those detailed in these rules. The obligation of WEPA!BOX to the winners will cease with the delivery of the certificates.
  2. CONDITIONS: Taxes and excise taxes, if any, that entail acceptance of the certificate are the responsibility of the winners. WEPA!BOX will deliver the certificates with the express or implied warranties of JetBlue®. The entries in the Sweepstakes will be null and void if they are not presented in accordance with these Rules or through legitimate channels. By participating in this raffle and accepting the prize, the participants and the subscribers agree and accept to abide by the strict application of these rules in all their terms and the decisions of the promoter.
  3. ACCEPTANCE OF RULES: By the mere fact of participating in the raffle, the participants grant their full acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in these rules, with which it will be understood that they are fully bound and renounce the allegation of not having read or understood its provisions. Any deviation or violation of these Terms and Conditions will entail immediate disqualification. In addition, WEPA!BOX, PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE), JetBlue® and the Promoters of the raffle reserve the right to exclude or remove the prize from any winner, if after the prize is awarded, it is discovered that it was obtained through fraud, deception, false representation or commission of crime.
  4. APPLICABLE LAWS AND REGULATIONS: This contest is subject to all applicable laws and regulations in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Any attempt to break any of the rules of the raffle, or to give false information with the intention of committing fraud, will entail processing in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
  5. If there is any dispute over any allegation that a raffle rule has not been complied with, WEPA!BOX reserves the right to adjudicate on the matter.
  6. LIMIT AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY: WEPA!BOX, PUERTO RICO ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE), JetBlue®, their respective advertising and public relations agencies, direct marketing and promotions, or any entity that participates in this effort, their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, or their employees, officers, directors, shareholders and agents involved (collectively referred to as the “Promoters”) will not be responsible for the loss, misplacement and/or misuse or illegal use of the prize, any element of the prize and/or prize documents once issued and delivered to the winner. With the mere acceptance of the prize, the winner agrees that all the aforementioned Parties and Promoters shall not be liable and shall be relieved by the winner and their respective family members of any and all claims for damages, including, without limitation, injuries, deaths, accidents, quarrels, sufferings, anguish, expenses, costs and legal or other fees that arise or are related to their participation in this raffle, or arise in the stages of claim, verification, redemption, delivery or use of the prize of this raffle. In addition to the release forms they have to subscribe, the mere acceptance of the prize constitutes a relief of this responsibility.
  7. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: WEPA!BOX, PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE), JetBlue®, their respective advertising and public relations agencies, direct marketing and promotions, the Promoters or any entity that participates in this effort, will not be responsible for any damage or loss (direct, indirect or consequential) caused to any of the winners, family members or any other person due to or in connection with the use of the prize once it has been delivered. Any obligation to the winner of the prize by the promoters and/or sponsors mentioned above, ceases completely at the time of the delivery of the prize. The responsibility of WEPA!BOX and PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE), is limited to delivering the prizes offered; JETBLUE’s responsibility is limited to compliance with the stipulations of its travel certificates and, the responsibility of the advertising agency, public relations, marketing and promotions, is limited to managing the mechanics of the promotion.
  8. INDEMNIFICATION: The participant agrees to indemnify WEPA!BOX, PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE), JetBlue® and all its respective agents, agencies and representatives, from and against all claims, actions, obligations, losses, expenses, damages and costs arising from or related to (i) the participant’s failure to comply with these rules; (ii) any false representation of the participant to participate in the raffle; or (iii) any condition caused by events outside the control of WEPA!BOX, PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE) and/or JetBlue® that may cause the interruption or alteration of the draw. This section will last after the end of the raffle and these rules.
  9. ADVERTISING: By accepting any prize, the winner grants WEPA!BOX, PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE), JetBlue®, their respective advertising agencies, public relations, marketing and promotions, the right to publish, advertise and/or use their name, photographs, images, videos and/or voices related to their participation in the raffle in any format and/or advertising medium (television, press, magazines, social networks, radio, billboards or others), including presentations in person, without any right to compensation or additional remuneration to said person(s). The winner and his/her respective companions (if any) waive their right to claim any type of remuneration, compensation and/or benefit. Similarly, by accepting the prize, the winner authorizes the use of their image, names, country or state of residence, and any other information that they have voluntarily provided, such as their testimonies, for reasons related to the promotion or marketing of WEPA!BOX PUERTO RICO, PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE) and/or JetBlue®, without additional compensation. The delivery and acceptance of the prizes is subject to this condition. Also, the delivery of the prize is subject to the signature of a receipt and a release of responsibility.
  10. CHANGES TO THE PROMOTION: WEPA!BOX PUERTO RICO, PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE), JetBlue® and their respective advertising agencies, public relations, direct marketing and promotions reserve the right to modify these rules, the date on which the contest begins and ends, the conditions of the raffle and the prizes offered in this raffle, and/or suspend or cancel it due to unforeseen circumstances, reasonably beyond its control, or when circumstances beyond its control make it necessary. Any change in the rules of the raffle will be duly informed by the publication of the new rules on the WEPA!BOX Facebook page and/or on the WEPA!BOX website www.wepabox.com.
  11. This contest is in no way sponsored, nor administered, by or in association with Facebook or any other social network. Any question or comment should be directed to [email protected].
  12. AVAILABILITY OF THE RULES: The official rules of this contest will be published on the official WEPA!BOX website www.wepabox.com.
  13. This contest is sponsored by WEPA!BOX PUERTO RICO and PR ISLAND EXPORT LLC (PRIE), with an office at: 513 Escorial Ave., Caparra Heights, San Juan P.R. 00920; with the following postal mail address: PO Box 13297, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00908; Internet portal www.wepabox.com and phone number (787) 705-2318.