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August 2020

Dulce de Caña Pancake and Waffle Mixture

Puerto Rico’s leading brand of sweeteners brings you the first pancake and waffle mix manufactured on the island. Dulce Caña is the favorite in Puerto Rican homes. Its products use an organic selection of materials and are gluten free, GMO free and locally manufactured and packaged. (Retail price: $4.50)

Dulce Caña Pancake Syrup

also by Dulce Caña, delicious pancake syrup without GMO and made in Puerto Rico. This syrup is produced in three varieties: original, buttermilk and sugar free. (Retail price: $4.00)

Tres Monjitas Variety of Tropical Splash Juice

we include one of the tasty flavors of this brand by Tres Monjitas. Offering freshness and quality you can trust since 1918. Tropical flavors include: acerola, tamarind, passion fruit, cranberry, and soursop. (Retail price: $3.00)

El Criollito Hot sauce

made with local produce, the intensity of this hot sauce comes in extra hot! Get more flavor out of your food with the local hot sauce that lights up your palate. (Retail price: $7.00)

“La Magia de Reinventarse” by Verónica Avilés

if you dream of starting your own business but do not know how to do it, this excellent book teaches you 10 key steps that helped the author to stop being one more employee and become a successful entrepreneur in just three months. Create your own magic! (Retail price: $25.00)

La Orocoveña Cake Cookies

for over 50 years, this purely Puerto Rican company has offered delicious and fresh products, of tradition and of the highest quality in the local market. Its exquisite biscuit cookies are the perfect accompaniment to a snack or dessert coffee. (Retail price: $3.00)

Mojito Body Scrub by The Bag

manufactured by hand, natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, this scrub is created by local women. Prepare to feel the softness of your skin as you pamper it with bliss. (Retail price: $5.00)

Café Rico or La Finca Coffee

(receive one of two) Café Rico: a favorite for coffee lovers with bold flavor. Its tasting profile: medium dark roast. Bold and aromatic. Available regular, decaf, instant and express. Café La Finca: a combination of different beans, washed coffee, and natural coffee. The roast of this coffee is medium dark. It is processed, roasted, ground and packed in its own roasting machine. From the Jayuya mountains to your cup. (Retail price: $4.99)

Sancocho or Plaintain Chips by Mi Cosecha

(receive one of two) made from fresh roots harvested from the most fertile soil, allergen free. Mi Cosecha is the legacy of a long-standing heritage of farmers with a strong belief in freshness and quality. From the selection of the best seeds to the packaging, Mi Cosecha pays attention to every detail to guarantee the best natural product. (Retail price: $1.75) Home