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June 2020

Café Son

started by a young Puerto Rican businessman with a passion for agriculture and business, Café Son is harvested in Adjuntas, 100% Arabic, medium / dark roast. Flavored with our land, this coffee is an example of persistent work and love for our island. (Retail price: $3.00)

Additional Coffee

the box includes one of the following coffees: Café Mi Tierra, Baldacci, Borinquen or Mañanero (Each box will carry one of these items randomly chosen and placed inside the boxes.) (Retail price: $7.00)

Boripique Hot Sauce

hot sauce is a national staple food in Puerto Rico, with a different version in practically every home. It is one of those recipes that can vary quite a bit from home to home. Many of the ingredients come down to the personal preference of the home that serves it. In its most basic form, this hot sauce consists of various ingredients that float in vinegar. Those ingredients infuse the vinegar with warmth and flavor, which you can use to sprinkle on any food you want. Good to have on hand and to mix with fun new ingredients. Sprinkle a little Boripique on grilled meats or soups or stews. Sprinkle a bit on the meat on your sandwich, or on fresh or cooked vegetables, basically anywhere you want, add a little sparkle to your life with Boripique. (Retail price: $8.00)

Polvorones by Pan Pepin

suitable for snacks, without cholesterol or trans-fat. This delicious crumbly sweet made from flour and sugar comes from Andalusia, and the basic recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and enjoyed by many Puerto Ricans. Pan Pepin has conquered a delicious recipe that is easy to get and enjoy. (Retail price: $2.00)

Once-Once Socks

“I’ve never seen stockings like this before! I’m going out to the street without shoes out there! It’s Eleven-Eleven!” Do as Los Rivera Destino and show your colors with the bright and fun new styles: Rosé, Wi-Fi and Shells. Walking in stockings will no longer be the same. (Retail price: $12.00)

Eric’s Plantain Soup

founded in 1953 by a Swiss master baker named Eric, the company is focused on manufacturing classic Puerto Rican products, evoking a sense of island tradition as well as fun. Its wide variety of products highlights the typical flavors of the town fairs on the Island, such as pork rinds, meringues, sweet popcorn, banana, cheese and peanuts. Distributed by Rovira Foods, Inc., its mission is to bring Puerto Rican flavor and feeling to all points of sale in Puerto Rico. Fill up with Eric’s flavor! (Retail price: $2.00)

Tempting Crackers by Rovira

a delicious and crispy temptation ready to serve. Its crisp texture and delicious flavor are irresistible. The temptation is perfect to give life to any party or gathering. Enjoy them alone or with your favorite sauce. With guava paste and cheese they are a crowd favorite. (Retail price: $2.00)

Artisan soap by Caribbean Soaps

a complete line of artisan soaps and natural bath products created by hand using a blend of all-vegetable oils including nutritious olive oil and local ingredients like sea salt, honey, fresh aloe and other local herbs. Additionally, natural essential oils are used for its fragrance, thus adding therapeutic properties as a bonus. (Retail price: $7.50)

Goya Coconut Water

satisfy your thirst with GOYA naturally moisturizing Coconut Water, a tropical clear liquid drink that is extracted from tender coconuts when opened. GOYA Coconut Water is 100% natural, without cholesterol: low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar. (Retail price: $2.00)

Ginger and Coconut Candy by Dulzura Borincana

con gran pasión y orgullo ofrece un pedacito del Caribe con sabores exóticos y tropicales. Sus productos se distribuyen actualmente en Puerto Rico, y más de 40 estados de los Estados Unidos. Su fuerte compromiso les ha ganado una gran aceptación de parte del público que reconoce en Dulzura Borincana un producto de alta calidad e innovación con altos valores nutritivos. (Retail price: $ 2.00)


dominoes are said to have been invented a thousand years ago in China and to have reached Europe in the mid-18th century, introduced by the Italians. The name of the game is of French origin and was taken from a black hood on the outside and white on the inside, the same colors that the domino presents. Its popularity in Latin American countries is immense, particularly in the Hispanic Caribbean. On our island it is quite common to see people sitting at tables in the town squares daily hanging out playing dominoes. (Retail price: $8.00)

WEPA!BOX Gift Element

the box includes one of the following elements as an anniversary present from WEPA!BOX: tostonera, sunglasses or yoyo. (Retail price: $5.00)

Discount Coupon from Telañecos

20% discount coupon when buying one of these exquisite and fun handmade rag dolls created by a talented Puerto Rican artist. Rescuing tradition to transmit a memory and reach new generations. (Retail value: $15.00)