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May 2020

Pan Sobao de Mi Pan

absolutely delicious, this baguette-shaped sweet bread is light, airy, and slightly sweeter than other breads; Although similar to French bread, it has a softer crust. It is the favorite of many Puerto Rican families. (Retail value: $2.35)

Salsa con Especias de Goya

top quality tomatoes combined with onion, coriander and garlic become the perfect combination. (Retail value: $0.99)

Adobo Mi Sabor

without salt, sodium, pepper, turmeric or MSG, it is a mixture of spices that gives flavor and health to your meals. (Retail value: $3.99)

Café Cibales

from the mountains of Puerto Rico, where coffees that have been awarded for centuries have emerged. The best premium coffee, 100% Arabica seed. Café Cibales is an artisanal coffee, elaborated and processed by the Agro Comercial cooperative. From their field to your great table! (Retail value: $7.00)

Galletas Tasty Smart

vegan and gluten free, this is a pioneer brand of cookies in the category of healthy pastries. Made in Vega Baja, under the strictest quality control standards in all its production processes. (Retail value: $1.99)

Arroz Rico

the leading brand in the Puerto Rican market. It is the center of the Puerto Rican table and the heart of our diet. Since its introduction to the market in the early 1990s, Arroz Rico has become everyone’s favorite. (Retail value: $0.98)

Assorted Hot Sauce

the box includes one of the following picks: Hot Sauce with Coco Don Rafael; Artisanal Hot Sauce Don Antonio; El Senor Hot Sauce; PR Hot Sauces; Bohio Hot Sauce. (Items will be placed in boxes at random.) (Retail value @:: $7.00)

Assorted Sweet Snacks

the box includes a sweet item, either a Rum Cake from Boreque or an assortment of typical Puerto Rican sweets from La Fe. (Items will be placed in the boxes at random.) (Retail value @: $5.00)

Assorted Salted Snacks

the box includes a salty item, either a bag of plantain chips or one of sweet potato chips, both from Jane’s Pastries. (Items will be placed in boxes at random.) (Retail value @: $5.00)

Aceite Betis

at the request of our subscribers, the box will include one of the following Betis extra virgin olive oils: truffles, garlic, coriander, lemon or regular. (Items will be placed in boxes at random.) (Retail value @: $ 7.00)

Hermosa Pieza Collar de Prenda

the box includes one of the following accessories – beautiful and very trendy necklaces from: CBG or Forever Crystals. (Items will be placed in boxes at random.) (Retail value @: $25.00)

Semillitas de Girasol de David

Extremely active in the sport of baseball in the United States, this company produces one of the favorite snacks of Puerto Ricans. Operating since 1926. “Eat, spit and be happy.” (Retail value: $ 1.00)

WEPA!BOX T-shirt

for your collection of all things WEPA!BOX from the past and just in time for the hot summer, a cool t-shirt with our name and logo on it so you can wear it proudly wherever you go. (Retail value: $ 12.00)