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April 2020

Café Oro

(premium 4 oz. package) The favorite product of many Puerto Rican families. Sown, roasted and packed in the roasting process in Lares. 100% Arabica grain in metallic packaging which provides greater protection to the product. (Retail price: $3.99)

Salsa Pique Guayaba La Reina

Made by hand in Isabela, this delicious sauce has a unique salty heat that improves the flavor of any dish. Rich in vitamins C and E, carotenoids, folic acid, potassium, calcium, iron and the antioxidant lycopene. Zero fat, cholesterol and sodium, gluten free, vegan, kosher. Use it in fried, stir-fried or grilled meats, fish, vegetables, salads, soups and snacks. Plus, delicious on pancakes, omelets, and more! Enjoy and “Pa ‘Lante Siempre”. (Retail price: $5.99)

Palitos de miel de Apiarios Caraballo

Convenient honey-filled plastic sorbets with a gourmet flavor. Also known as honey stix, they provide a great source of energy. Honey sticks are a healthy snack option. Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Honey helps strengthen your immune system. They are made by combining honey with natural fruit flavors and spices. (Retail price: $3.99)

“Sobito” de Omega y Delta

Therapeutic pain reliever for arthritis. Helps against muscle pain, mild arthritis, and joint pain. Conveniently in a bar packaging for easy use. (Retail price: $4.99)

Tropical Splash 16 oz. de Tres Monjitas

Refreshing tropical fruit drinks. Available in 16 and 64 ounces and with the flavors of our island: acerola, tamarind, soursop, patch, cranberry and apple. The box includes tamarind or soursop juice.#TropiSplash #SiempreTropical #Tropicaleo #TresMonjitas (Retail price: $1.99)

Variedad de Empaques de Azúcar Dulce Caña

Table sugar with the highest degree of purity. Verified NON GMO. Obtained directly from the juice of the sugar cane. Natural sweetener. Authentic flavor and quality. Does not contain preservatives or additives. The box includes one of the following: Organic Black or White, Calorie-Free Stevia, White or Black. (Retail price: de $1.99 a $3.99)

Amapola wheat flour

manufactured with durum winter wheat and spring wheat, ideal for any use. Make delicious cookies and cupcakes, doughs from different kinds of sweet or savory recipes. You can bread and fry codfish, crepes, arepas, etc. Also use this flour to thicken and make sauces.

Amapola cornmeal

nutritious flour perfect for making biscuits and cornbread, breading and making arepas, preparing some crunchy sorullitos and many more recipes. (Retail price: $1.99)

Sofrito en Polvo de Campolor

The best in the field. Their automation process of the entire production line gives them greater efficiency and better product quality together with their own distribution network that covers the entire island. (Retail price: $2.99)

Certificado Para Una Pinta Gratis de Pinta Gelato

Puerto Rican company that is dedicated to recognizing and exposing our Puerto Rican culture through quality, variety of flavors and memories in the fridges of supermarkets and stores with every pint of gelato. They are here to represent the Puerto Rican and so that the Puerto Rican is proud of a product made here with world-class quality, that identifies them and cares for them by delivering what they want. (Retail price: $6.99)

Bolsa de Carmela Ready Cuts

minced chicken sausages to cook now, with a natural smoked flavor and packed in chicken broth. Founded in 1963, Carmela Foods makes a complete line of excellent canned and bagged meats that please everyone’s taste. (Retail price: $1.09)