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March 2020

Las Meninas by Lex Tirado Diary

the perfect space to capture your best thoughts of empowerment, the notebook is part of the Las Meninas collection by this important Puerto Rican artist. This collection is a tribute to the integrity, strength, persistence and ability to love Puerto Rican women. (Retail value: $ 25.00)

Avocado Hot Sauce from Señor Pique

this is not just a hot sauce, it is an artisan spicy dressing that keeps the attributes of our tropical fruits with everything necessary grown in Puerto Rico. This business was born from the inspiration of a local couple who decided to make their dream come true to create a quality product that would give customers pleasure while becoming one of the best in their field. (Retail value: $7.00)

Café Crema Coffee

Born in 1925 in a warehouse in Caguas where it was produced by three employees using rudimentary tools, Café Crema grew and stood out in the market for its exceptional quality. Over time, Café Crema came to cover the eastern area of ​​the island, becoming one of the leading companies. The dedication of its founder, Don Pepe to overcome all adversities is what drives Café Crema’s passion to continue serving the best cup of coffee. To this day, Café Crema is considered one of the leading coffee brands in the local market.(Retail value: $ 7.00)

Ngurly Pencils

with inspirational messages and attractive colors, these beautiful pencils will lift your spirits as well as being productive in your workplace, school, and others. (Retail value: $1.50)

Tasty Smart Guava Cookies

delicious gluten-free and vegan cookies, also low in sodium and dairy-free. They do not contain eggs, cholesterol, wheat, casein, lactose, artificial flavors, artificial colors or high-corn fructose syrup, but they are stuffed with flavor. Made in a vegan and gluten-free facility dedicated. (Retail value: $ 3.00)

Puerto Rico Sticker by Habit Happy Family

this month we include a beautiful sticker with the map of Puerto Rico. Striking and bright, this piece will be one of conversation with your friends and family. (Retail value: $ 0.75)

Bettina Marvelous Matte Eye Shadow Kit

the brand already famous for bringing the best cosmetics on the market now brings you an essential palette of colors for the shadow of your eyes. Flattering tones with endless color combinations. Each shadow glides smoothly on the skin giving it the color and brightness necessary to frame your look. An ideal palette for all occasions when you want to illuminate your eyes and look radiant.

Shugar Lab Sweet Chemistry Guava Pound Cake

serving sweetness to local gourmet shops and cafes. Creations with Caribbean flavors and global inspiration. Macarons, MacSammies, rum cakes and cookies. Its different flavors (pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, dulce de leche, Nutella, guava and lime) will make your mouth water! (Retail value: $ 4.50)

Essential Matte Lip Cream

also from the brand already famous for bringing the best cosmetics on the market, this essential matte lip cream glides with a creamy sensation and instant color release. Apply the color of a stroke Does not stain and dries quickly. Its matte effect is long lasting from 8 to 10 hours of use. Vegan product, cruelty free / Not tested on animals. (Retail value: $ 5.00)

Tilde & Co Shawl

to be used as pashmina, sarong, scarf, turban, and more, this scarf measures 35 “x 70”. The message of this company is to empower women throughout the world and form a community that results in creating a positive social impact. (Retail value: $ 15.00)

CD, Bookmark and Sticker from Mujeres Ante la Adversidad

this organization leads an initiative in order to motivate, share experiences and help women who go through adversities, difficult situations of various kinds, to face their fears, take action, raise and overcome successfully. This global initiative aims to reach women in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Latin America and worldwide. (Retail value: $15.00)

Bienvenidos Magazine by the Hotel and Tourism Association of Puerto Rico

Bienvenidos is the Official Visitor Magazine of the Hotel and Tourism Association of Puerto Rico. The magazine reaches the majority of the 5.45 million annual visitors of the island, because this high-quality publication is prominently displayed in the rooms of the Association’s member hotels and is also located in strategic places frequented by tourists throughout the island Welcome content promotes cultural, culinary, adventure and urban tourism on the island, as well as shows leisure and entertainment options.

Multipurpose Clutch by Anda Pal

the purpose of the creations of this company is to celebrate all the beauty of our Puerto Rican culture: music, language, colors and, above all, joy. Because we are unique, also Anda Pas is unique. (Retail value: $ 15.00)

Discount Coupon from Palma Swimwear

enjoy a wepa discount of 20% off using the included code. Applies to regular-priced items and does not work with other promos. Ethically made in USA out of recycled fabric, the company donates 3% of sales to a nonprofit in Puerto Rico. (Valor al detal: $15.00)