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February 2020

Café Yaucono

“For the taste I know, Yaucono is the best coffee.” We all grew up with the delicious aroma of coffee and its hand-harvested beans are roasted perfectly and processed to obtain an ultra-fine ground that results in its exquisite flavor . (Retail value: $7.50)

Doña Lola Chips

a secret recipe for corn tortillas, naturally gluten, preservatives and cholesterol free. Created in a home filled with love. It is a perfect mix that has only been shared from generation to generation. This half-Puerto Rican and half-Mexican family share with us the most delicious tortillas made with Doña Lola’s commitment, patience and love. (Retail price: $5.00)

Hot Sauce from Don Bori

with the perfect mixture of tomatoes, habanero peppers, vinegar, onion, pepper, oregano, cilantro, garlic and culantro, this pique of Puerto Rico is 100% handcrafted and manufactured by hand. So delicious that you will want to add it to any dish.(Retail value: $9.00)

don Juan Sweet Pop Corn

product of a family business that for more than 40 years has provided services of the highest quality in the area of manufacturing and packaging to renowned companies. With a wide range of products, they are committed to offering great flavor, quality and, above all, the freshness you find in “homemade snacks”. (Retail price: $1.50)

Handmade Don Antonio Hot Sauce

flavored with honey and BBQ. Looking for excellence to make you enjoy their products and that your imagination and your palate explode when marinating or dressing. (Valor al detal: $9.00)

Trova Dark Chocolate Sauce

created by fans of dark chocolate who make products from this chocolate. With Trova you get a product made with cocoa from Puerto Rico and you will search for a reason to mix it with everything. Your box carries one of the varieties of dark chocolate from Puerto Rico mixed with: spices and rum, passion fruit and rum, coffee and rum or ginger and rum. They already mixed it with rum and coffee, now it’s your turn! (Retail price: $6.50)

Brownies de Sweet Chemistry Shugar Lab

la repostera Yira Martínez nos brinda estas delicias de chocolate perfectas para el mes del amor. Estos brownies definitivamente son ultra gruesos, gorditos, masticables y achocolatados con esa corteza perfecta y arrugada en la parte superior. El sabor ideal para el placer culinario. (Valor al detal: $4.50)

Cameo by Nabisco Sweet Cookies

These sweet cookies filled with cream are the favorites of Puerto Ricans. Produced only for the Puerto Rican market, each bite is full of childhood memories. Excellent with milk.

Sweet Hearts

favorites during Valentine’s Day, these sweets will surely win you a hug from your favorite person. Each one carries a message of love for Puerto Rico and WEPA!BOX. (Retail price: $2.00)

Puerto Rico Solidarity T-shirt and Sticker

“With Puerto Rico in my Heart”, beautiful t-shirt and sticker that you can feature anywhere to show your patriotic love and solidarity with the effort to raise our people once again after the tremors that occurred in the past month. (Retail price: $20.77)

Single-Cup Espresso Percolator

we include in this edition a beautiful and useful espresso percolator for those mornings when you want to make your individual black coffee without much mess. Durable and easy to use material, this item transports you to our island where you always find one in every kitchen. (Retail value: $10.00)

Sugar Scrubs Co. Scrub

green and mint tea facial scrub that awakens your skin and prepares you for your best care. (Retail value: $ 10.00)

Discount Coupon from Mente Libre

coupon for a 15% discount on agenda-diary, diary, planner and notebooks. Valid until December 30, 2020. Certain restrictions apply. More details on their official page on social networks. (Retail price: $5.00)

Discount Coupon from Mamalú

coupon for a 10% discount valid for the month of February to be used in the purchase of any of your personalized items. Kisses + hugs go to you. (Retail price: $5.00)

Cupón de descuento de Simply M

cupón para un descuento del 15% con envío gratis utilizando el código adjunto. Válido hasta el 15 de marzo de 2020. Hecho en Puerto Rico con amor. (Valor al detal: $5.00)