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January 2020

Mi AEELA Coffee

for the most demanding palate. Puerto Rican, Arabic, sown and harvested in the mountains of the interior of the island. High quality and prepared to delight coffee growers worldwide with the unique taste of Puerto Rican coffee. Its flavor, aroma and body will please the most demanding palate. (Retail price: $7.00)

Almojábana Flour from Maga Foods

almojábanas Maga is a traditional Caribbean fried treat made with rice flour, wheat flour and “cheddar” cheese. Its packaging contains all the ingredients to make this recipe everyone’s favorite. It is very simple to prepare. Just add water, fry and go. (Retail price: $5.00)

Rum Cake by Boreque

the rum is as Puerto Rican as the turquoise blue water of the sea, the white sandy beaches and the wonderful local cuisine. It is not surprising that rum is the spirit chosen on the island to flavor the vanilla cake known as rum cake. Boreque makes its cakes with quality products and the result is the evidence. The irresistible flavor that accompanies this spongy and fresh cake will make you a faithful lover of Boreque rum cake. (Retail price: $5.00)

Dulce de Campo Energy Bar

this traditionally Puerto Rican family-owned company is dedicated to the elaboration of authentic and typical handmade sweets, such as black coconut (marrallo), sesame, milk coconut, pineapple coconut, sour orange paste, sweet potato paste, guava paste, using the recipe that his family originated in 1968, with dedication, passion and love. (Retail price: $0.54)

Salsas La Reina Guava Taste Hot Sauce

vegan and gluten-free hot sauce. Using the best locally grown products and following strict quality standards throughout the production process; balanced, versatile and tasty, this guava sauce is handmade in Isabela by a family-owned business since 2013. (Retail price: $7.00)

Plantain Chips from Janes Pastry & More

Puerto Rican company dedicated to the production of banana, malanga, yucca, sweet potato, plantains and breadfruit flakes among others. Condom free, this is a natural and healthy snack. Its polvorones with colored sprinkles are famous throughout the island along with its entire line of tasty products. (Retail price: $2.50)

David Sunflower Seeds

whole roasted seeds, without certified synthetic colors or artificial flavors, these sunflower seeds are made with simple and quality ingredients for a true homey taste. A favorite snack of Puerto Ricans for decades. David’s sunflower seeds have been adopted by Puerto Ricans as one of their favorite snacks for decades. (Retail price: $0.35)

Traditional Product – Top

created of wood, the top is one of the most traditional children’s toys on the island. One of the ways in which you play with the top is by placing various tops inside a circle drawn on the ground, the objective is to remove the top of an opponent from the circle. José Miguel Agrelot presented a television program for years, “Encabulla y Vuelve y Tira”, whose name described the action of throwing and spinning a top.

Ornamental Craft by Enrique Delgado

beautiful magnet to be proudly displayed as it shows the Puerto Rican flag as originally painted on the famous door on Calle San Sebastián in Old San Juan. (Retail price: $12.00)

Fiestas de la Calle Pin

beautiful pin button to affix to your clothes showing colorful houses of Old San Juan and our flag. Presently organized by the Municipality of San Juan, this celebration incorporates artisans by day and music and dance at night. The “Cabezudos” include characters that represent Puerto Rican folklore and stroll through the streets dancing and singing followed by the public.

Stickers by Salón Boricua

art pieces inspired by Puerto Rican history and culture. Salón Boricua is a 100% local memorabilia trade that has a commitment to educate each of its buyers and visitors to learn about the richness of Puerto Rican and Ponce culture with each of its products. Small works of art that represent our culture and our thinking. (Retail price: $5.00)

Boricua Way Discount

discount coupon for 25% on any product in the online store. Because the dialect is important for communication and, what way is there better to learn than through good humor? Words like brutal, parranda and pichea are transmitted through their creations. Pablo, Flancisco and their friends explain the culture and traditions of our island to all those who want to love Puerto Rico.

Arte Tejido Discount

15% discount card on the total order using the code provided. Custom pieces, local crafts made of quality thread: key chains, stuffed dolls, baby sets and souvenirs. The discount is valid until March 31, 2020. (Retail price: $5.00)

Worm Designs Jewelry Discount

15% discount on merchandise. You can visit their store in San Patricio Plaza or by entering wormdesigns.shop. All Worm Designs jewelry pieces are handmade and all the materials they use are gold and some Vermail pendants. These gold-filled jewels can last a lifetime. This discount coupon is valid until March 31, 2020. (Retail price: $5.00)

El Wrap Discount

organize your makeup brushes, pencils, pens, and tools within one of these beautiful pouches and aprons, and receive a 25% discount on all wrap models. (Retail price: $8.00)