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December 2019

La Finca Coffee

a combination of different grains, La Finca coffee is medium-dark roasted, processed, roasted, ground and packed at its roaster in Jayuya. From the moment of they purchase the coffee, each establishment becomes La Finca’s accomplice to offer the best cup of coffee. (Valor al detal: $6.00)

Coconut and Ginger Candy from Dulzura Borincana

with great passion and pride, Dulzura Borincana offers a little piece of the Caribbean with exotic and tropical flavors. Their products are currently distributed in Puerto Rico, and more than 40 states in the United States. Their strong commitment has earned them great acceptance from the public that recognizes Dulzura Borincana as a product of high quality and innovation, with high nutritional values. (Valor al detal: $2.50)

Earrings by GBG Boutique

handmade gold or stainless-steel plated chains for use together or separately. A variety of charms with which you can match as you wish your own chains and other pieces. Water pearl chokers and gold-plated details that enhance your beauty. (Valor al detal: $15.00)

Coconut Tembleque by Maga Foods

unlike any other brand, Maga provides the richest foods, with quality that exceeds expectations and with adequate value. Maga is the name of Puerto Rico’s national flower, and this company proudly bears that name honoring our values as a people and our culinary traditions. (Valor al detal: $4.50)

Recipe and Song Book from Goya

Goya Foods, the main source of authentic Latin cuisine and the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States, combines authentic ingredients, robust condiments and convenient preparation in their products of which some are the basis for the recipe book that Goya provides for us along with an excellent songbook for this Christmas. (Valor al detal: $5.00)

Cookie in the Shape of Puerto Rico by AZUCAREE

delicious cookies with humorous and beautiful themes, these delicacies will be the center of conversation in any activity where they are served. On this occasion, AZUCAREE gives us a beautiful cookie in the shape of our island which we are very honored to share with all our subscribers. (Valor al detal: $1.00)

Betis Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic Essence

creators of flavored oils that enhance the taste of food while trapping the taste and smell of a multitude of condiments, spices, herbs and fruits, Betis oil experts provide us with extra virgin olive oil infused with garlic, which is perfect for flavoring vegetables. (Valor al detal: $3.50)

Chocolate Cortés Chocolate Bar

chocolate as rich as this, none. It melts slowly in hot milk, creating silky waves of the magical and traditional hot chocolate. Delicious at any time, Chocolate Cortes provides comfort and tranquility with its traditional and exquisite flavor. (Valor al detal: $2.00)

Traditional Product – Maracas by Cortés

sing, have fun and share with your family and friends to the sound of Christmas bonnets and Christmas carols using these festive maracas courtesy of our friends at Chocolate Cortés. (Valor al detal: $5.00)

Don Bori Guava Hot Sauce

made with natural ingredients: tomato, vinegar, habanero peppers, onion, hot pepper, oregano, coriander, garlic, salt, black pepper and salt. So tasty that you will want it in everything. Don Bori ORIGINAL brings you just a touch of spicy; HOT is for you if you like spicy, and GUAYABA offers a delicious spicy and sweet taste at the same time. (Valor al detal: $7.00)

Art of the WEPA!BOX December Edition by JAVIER CINTRÓN:

this month the exterior art of our box has been designed by the Puerto Rican artist Javier “Vecino” Cintrón. Born in the El Gandul neighborhood in Santurce, Cintrón has become one of the most important modern artists on the island. His art reflects the struggle to save the houses and neighborhoods in danger of disappearance due to evictions and metropolitan commercial growth especially in the Santurce sector. WEPA!BOX celebrates with this box the revelry that is our Christmas and Cintrón has reflected this for our subscribers. You can find more of his art by following @javicintron on Instagram.

Pearl Bracelet from FJ Designs by Ange

handmade jewelry by highly skilled craftsman composed of various types of materials, with a series of pieces made of different materials of the best and highest quality. These handmade pieces are very popular. (Valor al detal: $5.00)

Don Juan Mild-Hot Pork Grinds

merienda con equilibrio, como en la vida, es solo una cuestión de dejar de lado los extremos. Don Juan representa el equilibrio, cada bolsa ofrece la combinación perfecta entre sabroso y saludable. Usan solo materiales de la más alta calidad de los mercados locales y de todo el mundo para brindar esa sensación correcta. (Valor al detal: $1.75)

WEPA!BOX Christmas Gift Labels

keep the hand cramps at bay with these beautiful special labels from WEPA!BOX perfect for gift tagging. Add your personal message to personalize your gift.

Coquito Bottle

WEPA!BOX includes in its December box a festive bottle in which to store your coquito these holidays. Show off and share the traditional Puerto Rican drink with relatives and friends. Happy holidays! (Valor al detal: $1.00)

Discount coupon from Blessed Scents

20% discount coupon using the code provided when you buy online through blessedscentspr.com. Valid until December 31, 2019. Created by a young couple, Blessed Scents has become a passion of love. Their products are made with commitment and devotion for the enjoyment of their loyal customers and followers. Products of excellence that bring harmony and peace. If it smells good, it smells like Blessed Scents. (Valor al detal: $4.00)

Discount coupon from Creaciones Lau a Lau

with this discount card you will receive a 25% discount at the end of your purchase. Cute little things painted by hand, for home and jewelry. Ornaments and accessories to decorate your space and your body. Lau Lau’s Christmas ornaments are hand painted on wood and created specifically for each client. You will find cup holders, key holders, jewelers and unique and different jewelry. Decorate beautiful and natural with Lau Lau. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to availability of materials. Does not include shipping cost. Valid until January 31, 2020. (Valor al detal: $5.00) www.facebook.com/creacioneslaualau

Discount coupon from Bliss Wellness

be it a unique manicure. Or a relaxing and sensual pedicure. Bliss Wellness pampers you with simple skin-care and hair-care routines following the latest fashion trends so you can show your best. Its service of excellence is backed by a great team of professionals in the world of beauty. (Valor al detal: $15.00)

Discount Coupon from Gugambó

enjoy 20% off when you present this coupon at Gugambó aromas del Caribe restaurant. Bottomless Sundays from 12:30-4:00PM. Pool pass included. Brunch $38.00 per person (unlimited Mimosas +$12.00) (kids 50% off). Coupon will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Valid thru December 2020. (Valor al detal: $15.00)

Disocunt Coupon from Shopesquema

oupon for 30% discount for use at their online store using the code provided. Visit shopesquema.com for functional concrete designs. Based in Puerto Rico, Esquema is an online destination for hand-crafted concrete desk organizers and decor. Born out of the intersection of minimalism and timelessness, Esquema offers concrete functional designs for your workspace. (Valor al detal: $5.00)

Discount Coupon from de Había Una Vez

creative workshop self-managed by artist Tania Legrand. Local art and design store. In Cidra Puerto Rico. $5.00 discount in any portrait workshops. (Valor al detal: $35.00)

Recipe for Coquito with Coffee by Café La Finca

the traditional drink of our island for Christmas, coquito is enjoyed by everyone in the family and Coffee La Finca brings us an exquisite recipe that incorporates coffee to this delicious drink.