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November 2019

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil With Essence of Oregano from Betis

because living healthy begins in the kitchen, Betis brings us a special oil with the essence of oregano whose use in our diet brings many benefits, since in addition to providing flavor, olive oil is one of the best allies of health. Betis oil retains all its nutritional and medicinal properties when it exceeds 200 degrees of temperature. Integrating it into our diet means a favorable lifestyle change for everyone in the family. (Retail price: $7.00)

Arroz Con Dulce Mix from Maga

Celebrating Christmas year round? Do not skip on tradition in your parties with a delicious dish of arroz con dulce from Maga. Easy to prepare, full of true organic coconut flavor and spices. This traditional Caribbean recipe made with rice, raisins, coconut, cinnamon, cloves and ginger contains all the ingredients to make this dessert everyone’s favorite at home. Easy to cook. No artificial flavors or ingredients. (Retail price: $5.00)

Piques P.R. Hot Sauce

with the flavor and scent to the Puerto Rican countryside. The perfect combination with any meal. This hot sauce awakens the taste of Puerto Rican food and lifts the spirits making the life of the one who consumes it more fun. (Retail price: $7.00)

El Mañanero Coffee

“A coffee with the freshness of the morning”. 100% Puerto Rican company from Maricao, in the heart of the mountains that extends to the western-center of Puerto Rico. Processed with the highest quality standards in the industry, this coffee has an exquisite balance between acidity and body, revealing exquisite flavors in your cup, from the field to your cup. (Retail price: $5.00)

Nonfat Milk With Natural Chocolate Flavor From Indulac

Indulac brings us this month pure, fat-free milk with a taste of delicious natural chocolate, packaged to maintain freshness and quality without refrigeration. A company committed to the community, valuing the farmers, their employees and their customers. (Valor al detal: $1.99)

Dulces La Fe Assortment of Traditional Candies

sweetening the world and purely Puerto Rican, Dulces La Fe makes typical sweets that have evolved from being sold from door to door until being recognized throughout the island and beyond. The emphasis is on quality and the traditional and indigenous flavor that characterizes them. (Retail price: $2.00)

Sweet Potato Chips from Jane’s Pastry

a company dedicated to the elaboration of vegetable chips such as banana, malanga, yucca, sweet potato, sweet banana, breadfruit among other products. They are distinguished by developing condom-free products to bring their customers a natural snack. (Retail price $2.50)

Guava Paste from Dulzura Borincana

exotic, fresh and tropical flavor of our land created with great passion and pride. Nothing better than a rich guava paste with local cheese to complement the perfect dinner. And Dulzura Borincana brings you the best in the market. (Retail price: $1.95)

Holidays CD/DVD by the Los Cantores de Bayamón

Asómate al balcón para que veas mi parranda…” You say you live far from Puerto Rico? No matter! Now you can enjoy the music of our parrandas with this fabulous combination of DVD and CD full of flavor of our land. (Retail price: $15.00)

“Celebremos la Puertorriqueñidad” by Cabezoodos Coloring & Activities Book

The CABEZOODOS need your help to preserve Puerto Rican culture. Learn, color, and celebrate our culture with your new friends through this book that you won’t want to close! Includes unique elements of Puerto Rican culture, tools and crafts to create your own Puerto Rican party, educational activities, games, and much more! (Retail price: $5.00)

Traditional Product – Tambourine

The tambourine comes from the Moorish times in Spain. On the island it was adapted to accompany the plena. Usually three tambourines sound in a musical group: the “follower” plays the basic rhythm, the “buleador”, who plays the intonations, and the “requinto” that takes the main role by raising the musical rhythm. The tambourine is one of Puerto Ricans’ favorite instruments when giving asaltos and singing Christmas carols.

Lulilus & Co. Discount Coupon

offering headbands, passport covers, sunglasses cases and baby accessories, Lulilus & Co. this month gives you a 15% discount coupon on orders through its website using the supplied code. Only for WEPA!BOX subscribers. Certain restrictions apply. (Retail price: $5.00)

MSB Handmade Notebook Discount Coupon

15% discount coupon on your next purchase of their fabulous handmade products, through their website, using the supplied code. Only for WEPA!BOX subscribers. Certain restrictions apply. (Retail price: $4.00)

Luks Dermalounge Discount Coupon

offering microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, scrubs and facials to massages and various other services to make your body and spirit feel good, Luks offers you this month a 20% discount coupon on your next appointment, using the supplied code. Only for WEPA! BOX subscribers. Certain restrictions apply. (Retail price: $35.00)