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September 2019

Café Rico

with the objective since its inception of producing the best and purest coffee in Puerto Rico, Café Rico is a favorite for coffee lovers with bold flavor. Its constant and persistent growth is ongoing, which makes Café Rico one of the strongest brands in the market. (Retail value: $3.99)

Café Yaucono

with the perfect roast of medium flavor mixed with top quality coffee and balanced flavors. Its careful preparation and flavor have made it a favorite for generations. Available in regular, decaffeinated, instant and expresso. (Retail value: $3.99)

Café Crema

medium roast and traditional ground with creamy flavors and balanced acidity make this a special brand of coffee. Available regular, decaffeinated, instant, espresso and supreme. (Retail value: $3.99)

Café Adjuntas

with the freshness of the mountains of Puerto Rico, it enjoys great popularity among its regional clientele. (Retail value: $3.99)

Betis Truffle Infused Extra Virgin Oil

its advantage over other types of oils is that it retains its nutritional properties very well when used in frying. Far from converting it into saturated fat, olive oil, due to its high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, is the best in the market for healthy oils. With a delicious infusion of truffles, oregano, black-pepper and lemon or garlic, this oil is perfect to accompany breads and salads. (Retail value: $5.99)

Odorono Antiperspirant & Deodorant

this month comes in one of three different types with exclusive scents for each type – original, Confielle for women, and Louis Philippe Aqua for men. All prevent stains on clothes. Its new anti-stain formula protects your clothes from white and yellow spots, providing 48 hours of long-lasting freshness. Eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria that cause the bad smell. (Retail value: $2.00)

Pan Pepin Casco Cookies

their commitment to quality has led them to continue using the traditional baking process, which ensures a softer bread, which stays fresh for longer, meeting the quality and nutrition requirements of consumers. (Retail value: $2.99)

Don Bori Hot Sauce Criollo Regular

So tasty that you will want it in everything! Made with natural ingredients: tomato, vinegar, habanero peppers, onion, hot pepper, oregano, coriander, garlic, cilantro, salt and black pepper. (Retail value: $7.00)

Siembra la Tierra Plantain Flour Cookies

made 100% locally from banana flour, they have received great reception in the market. So much so that it is already distributed in some parts of the United States and in many towns at the Island level. (Retail value: $2.99)

Yanet Natural Soap Made of Coffee

working hard to offer you the best natural soaps, made with medicinal tropical plants, essential oils and love. (Retail value: $5.00)

Campolor Powdered Mixed Vegetables

they have an automation process for the entire production line that gives them greater efficiency and better product quality along with their own distribution network that covers the entire island. (Retail value: $2.00)

Cortés Chocolate Covered Coffee Seeds

using a special coffee bean other than the one traditionally served hot in cups, Cortes creates a delicious blend of cocoa and coffee flavors that delight the palate. It is a fine and delicious product even for non-coffee drinkers. (Retail value: $2.99)

Señora Perla Bracelet

dedicated to the making of handmade jewelry with love, they create quality pieces at an affordable price. The pieces, which can be made to order, are created in stainless steel, 24k gold plating, Swarovski and semiprecious stones. (Retail value: $5.00)

Sugar Daddy Milk Caramel Pop

enjoy the taste of caramel with this caramel pop. Slow-cooking candy, packed in a non-stick wax paper wrap, provides lasting and pleasant freshness. The perfect sweet to take anywhere. (Retail value: $1.00)

WEPA!BOX Coffee Mug

Beautiful and practical, this cup won’t stay halfway full because it’s the perfect size, the WEPA!BOX mug manages to be the perfect size, keep your drink warm and not spill. To obtain additional mugs, please write to [email protected]

September Craft Media Para Café

for making old-fashioned Puerto Rican coffee. It is the ideal instrument to make the typical expresso or latté that are enjoyed so much by everyone in Puerto Rico. (Retail value: $1.10)


WEPA!BOX brings you a recipe book so you can prepare not only delicious desserts to enjoy with a hot cup of coffee, also included are others whose main ingredient is coffee. Use the recipes to delight everyone in the family.

Borikiki Discount Coupon

art with Puerto Rican flow! Get a 25% discount on your next order with Borikiki Store using the code provided. (Retail value: $5.00)

Acuarela Shop Discount Coupon

dedicated to finding the ideal outfit for any occasion: blouses, shirts, sportswear, accessories and more … Get 20% on all your merchandise. (Retail value: $15.00)

Upskale Juice & Co. Discount Coupon

with cold pressed juices, smoothies, coffee and healthy snacks, Upskale offers you a coupon for 10% discount on your next purchase. It must be exchanged only in the store before 12/31/19. #livetheupskalelife (Retail value: $45.00)