August 2019

Café Oro

desde Lares para todos los puertorriqueños, Café Oro ofrece el sabor exquisito del café puertorriqueño con su aroma, rendimiento, fragancia y sabor residual; cualidades que manifiestan la superioridad de su café. Café Oro garantiza la calidad del proceso completo de producción, desde la flor del café hasta su empaque y distribución llevándolo de la semilla de café a la placentera taza de café 100% de nuestra tierra. (Valor al detal: $2.50)

Don Bori Creole Hot Sauce

so tasty that you will want it in everything. Made with natural ingredients such as tomato, vinegar, habanero peppers, onion, hot pepper, oregano, coriander, garlic, salt and black pepper. (Retail value: $7.00)

Betis Spanish Olive Oil

produced under a strict quality process, this oil is the result of a mixture of some varieties of olives, which are packaged in cans to ensure optimal preservation of their organoleptic qualities for longer. Quality, distinguished design, a modern manufacturing system and a quality certification ensure an adaptation to the needs of its customers on five continents. (Retail value: $2.00)

Dulzura Borincana Sweet Cookies

manufactured with passion and pride, offering the Puerto Rican people exotic and tropical flavors that they like so much. Feel an explosion of flavor in every bite with this product of high quality, innovation and high nutritional values. (Retail value: $1.10)

Maga Pollochón Adobo Seasoning

the perfect combination of spices and flavors that make your meat and stews unique in their class. This seasoning does not contain MSG. Less sodium than most seasonings. The favorite of Latinos. (Retail value: $1.89)

Holsum Deliciosas Cookies

flavored with coconut or vanilla, these classic cookies have the fresh and sweet flavor that only Holsum offers and they make anyone’s palate fall in love. The cookies come in a snack wrap with 3 cookies and in a 6 oz. Family pack that contains 24 cookies. (Retail value: $4.00)

#TeamMofongo T-Shirt from WEPA!BOX

because we carry in our hearts the flavor of the mofongo that identifies us as a Puerto Rican no matter where in the world we reside, we give you this shirt. Wear it proudly so that everyone knows that you are Puerto Rican, “so they know it!” To order additional shirts, send email to [email protected] (Retail value: $19.99)

Arroz Rico Rice

this polished long grain white rice is enriched to provide a nutritional value similar to brown rice. Arroz Rico is packed in a traditional green bag or in transparent bags. (Retail value: $1.00)

Jade Essentials Body Cream

elaborating with care glycerin soaps, saponified, creams, bath salts and much more, Jade Essentials offers us this month a rich body cream that ignites all the senses of the skin and returns to the skin the vital humidity for a rejuvenating softness. (Valor al detal: $8.00)

Knorr Seasoning

with coriander, achiote and oregano, highlighting the flavor of Creole cuisine when used in stir-fry, meats, poultry, fish, seafood, stews, rice, beans and many more. (Retail value: $1.00)

July Craft – Magnet

Beautiful magnet with landscape of our island so you can remember Puerto Rico every time you look at it. To order additional magnet, send email to [email protected] (Retail value: $3.00)

Yesteryear’s Game Sopas de Letras from Motivigrama

not just for spending leisure time, this book entertains and inspires you with interesting messages within each edition and on each page. Find the other editions so you don’t miss a single one. (Retail value: $2.49)

Casa Bacardí Discount Coupon

Get ready for fun! Experience the rum-tasting tour with a 50% discount! PROMO CODE: WEPABOX. Reserve your space online by entering casabacardi.com. Expiration date: 9/30/2019. Participants must be 18 years or older. Not redeemable for cash. (Retail value: $60.00)