July 2019

Borinquen Coffee

“The best of my day starts with Borinquen coffee.” Puerto Rican coffee with an aroma and a taste of the best quality. The company is committed to providing its customers excellent-quality products from Puerto Rico. (Valor al detal: $5.99)

Don Antonio Honey & BBQ Hot Sauce

in best flavor in Puerto Rican hot sauce with a variety of fruits from Orocovis and Ponce. Quality comes first while looking for excellence and to explode the imagination through marinating, seasoning and cooking. Break the routine and enjoy new healthy and spicy eating. (Valor al detal: $7.99)

Morena & Co. Bracelet

Because everything natural and homemade is better. Pieces of art made in Puerto Rico with universal themes that apply to daily life. Beautiful and decorative, these pieces will brighten your day. (Valor al detal: $8.99)

Shelled Peanuts from Maní Maní Tostado de Cabo Rojo

artisan roasted peanuts, cholesterol-free and packed in Cabo Rojo. In addition to being tasty, the peanut contains proteins that help growth, provide energy during the day, and increase memory while its vitamin E content favors the skin. (Valor al detal: $3.99)

Néctares Del Valle P.R Fruit Juice

a tasty obsession with 100 percent vitamin C that helps maintain the defenses and contributes to growth. Produced in the town of Cayey, this line of nectars arrives with six flavors: pear, peach, guava, soursop, mango and tamarind. Enjoy the rich taste of nature. (Valor al detal: $1.99)

Almojábanas Flour from Don Rate

Don Rate’s legacy from the town of Lares, reaches the families of the island with rich flavor and careful dedication. The almojábana is a delicious snack that has a long history since its origin dates to the twelfth century in Spain born of Catalan recipes. We do not know how it got to Lares but it has become a Puerto Rican tradition and since 1999, the festival dedicated to the almojábana is celebrated in that town. (Valor al detal: $3.99)

Rovira Clear Case by Rovira Foods

Rovira Export Soda crackers are the first on the market in Puerto Rico thanks to a base of loyal consumers who prefer these crackers because they are more toasted and tasty. Rovira Biscuit Corporation is the only manufacturer of crackers in the Caribbean, Central and South America with SQF Level 3 certification that makes this brand synonymous with quality. As a gift to our subscribers, Rovira offers a plastic case to transport their crackers without hurting them while keeping them fresh. (Valor al detal: $3.99)

“Voy Turisteando” Guide from the P.R. Tourism Company

Through its Voy Turisteando campaign, the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico offers us the opportunity to learn about the wonders that our island offers by promoting domestic tourism and fostering economic development. Crafts, gastronomy and entertainment are part of what the company offers in its events aimed at these purposes. The Internal Tourism Guide that we receive this month presents routes and attractions throughout the island to visit and enjoy all those local wonders that are often overlooked. (Valor al detal: $0.00)

WEPA!BOX Sunglasses

this summer you will want to protect your eyes with our unique, innovative and fashionable sports glasses! In green neon with lenses that protect from ultraviolet rays, our glasses are the accessory that you cannot miss in your beach bag. (Valor al detal: $5.99)


this month we bring you our WEPA!BOX t-shirt so you can proudly show your Puerto Rican colors wherever you are. Cool and comfortable, this shirt will make you feel like on the island and everyone will know you carry Borinquen in your heart. (Valor al detal: $14.99)

July Art – Magnet

beautiful magnet with landscape of our island so you can remember Puerto Rico every time you look at it. (Valor al detal: $3.99)

Game of Yesteryear: Yo-Yo

Wind the string inside the slot that is in the middle of the two wooden discs that make up the yo-yo. Make a knot at the end of the string so you can put your finger there and hold it. Once the string is rolled, you let the yo-yo fall with force so that you can pull it up and repeat this movement again and again. (Valor al detal: $5.99)