June 2019

Baldacci Coffee

for Baldacci, novelty is not just a concept, it is their motto. They strive continuously with the greatest passion to achieve greatness, one lot at a time, with the insatiable curiosity that characterizes them, because they believe that the best is yet to come. Perfection is a utopia, but nothing prevents them from trying. (Retail value: $7.00)

Don Antonio Hot Sauce

mango or papaya flavored, this handmade hot sauce is manufactured with fruit pulp and habanero chili among other ingredients, This Puerto Rican hot sauce is the passion of Don Antonio, committed heart and mind to giving the best variety of flavors and please the most demanding palate. (Retail value: $7.50)

Bacalaítos Mix by GOYA

truly a Puerto Rican tradition, bacalaítos form an important part of the local cuisine, being enjoyed by locals and tourists who visit us from all over the world. (Retail value: $1.90)

Azahar Apothecary Shaving Gel

this shaving gel awakens the skin with a sensual and clean aroma of citrus and flowers, offering the best shave while reducing rashes skin irritations. From the creators of the award-winning Puerto Rican brand Linda Mami. Azahar Modern Apothecary is an aromatherapy boutique + bathroom and body with the best local brands and an exquisite Aroma Bar where customers can create fresh products, enjoy, relax and rest. (Retail value: $10.00)

Coconut-Cinnamon Scrub by YD Inspiration

natural and without dyes, produces a smooth exfoliation leaving a delicious aroma created by the excellent combination of cinnamon and coconut. Masks, aromatic candles, perfumes, soaps, oils, creams and salts for the skin care of both women and men. (Retail value: $5.00)

Cap & Keychain by Aborindi

created in Puerto Rico, Aborindi offers caps and accessories of high quality and originality. Its goal is to create products inspired by aboriginal or native cultures from different regions of the world. Aborindi brings us a beautiful and practical cap and an inspirational keychain designed with local themes for those who enjoy saying: “I’m Puerto Rican, so you know!” (Retail value: $24.00)

Carmela Ready Cuts Pouch

chopped ready-to-cook chicken sausages, with natural smoked flavor and packed in chicken broth. Founded in 1963, Carmela Foods produces a complete line of excellent canned and bagged meats that please everyone’s taste. (Retail value: $1.09)

#yonomequito Bracelet

Puerto Rico had had its share of turmoil and negative headlines in the last decade. I Do not Quit Me – I will not give up; I will not throw in the towel. I will revel in everything that is good and positive and wonderful about Puerto Rico. The goal of the movement is to spread positive energy and motivate borícuas, to keep moving forward despite the island’s recent challenges. (Retail value: $8.00)

Kinder Bueno Chocolate

a delicate chocolate bar with an indulgent flavor. Each piece that melts in the mouth promises a creamy hazelnut, a soft chocolate and a crispy wafer for your enjoyment. It is presented in individual portions, individually wrapped. Pamper yourself with milk chocolate or white chocolate. (Retail value: $0.25)

Sticker with Seal of Hecho en Puerto Rico

the Products Association of Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and promote the manufacture and services made and offered by companies whose base of operation is Puerto Rico. Its partners are companies manufacturing, processing, marketing, distributing and exporting products that, as members of the association, use the seal “Made in Puerto Rico.” Feel proud of what our island produces by showing the stamp of Hecho en Puerto Rico.

WEPA!BOX Anniversary Brochure

this beautiful brochure includes photos of all our boxes in celebration of our first anniversary. The 12 boxes highlight all the excellent products and services that we have sent to our subscribers worldwide.

Children’s Songs

popular songs for children have been passed down from generation to generation in Puerto Rico. They filled all those moments of leisure in which we sat to sing with our parents, siblings or friends. Surely, they will bring you beautiful memories of your childhood. Enjoy them!

Fact From Our Island

this month we celebrate two important dates: our first anniversary and Father’s Day. For 12 months we have shared magnificent experiences with our subscribers and made it possible for many businesses to grow into a new market through WEPA!BOX. Also, we wish to give thanks to the fathers of the island, who share in the raising of a family and teach its members love, tolerance and dedication. To all of them, to all of us and to all of you, congratulations!

Hyatt Place & San Juan City Center Discount Coupon

Discount coupon for 15% on your next stay. Only for WEPA!BOX subscribers, discount applies for RACK; mention the serial number at the time of booking. Certain restrictions apply. (Retail value: $50.00)

Bettina Cosmetics Discount Coupon

Discount coupon for 30% on your next product purchase. Its high-quality distinctive colors that are much more than the color trends of the moments, offer the option of finding your favorite line throughout the year. Certain restrictions apply. (Retail value: $10.00)

Pink by Maria del Mar Discount Coupon

Discount coupon for 30% on your next product purchase. Accessories, fine jewelry and more. They work to your liking. Certain restrictions apply. (Retail value: $10.00)

Monic Creat Discount Coupon

Discount coupon for 15% on your next product purchase. Handmade accessories designed to your liking. Certain restrictions apply. (Retail value: $10.00)