May 2019

Café Yaucono

The history of this coffee begins in Puerto Rico in 1896, but it was not until 1963, after decades of labor and effort, that Yaucono was consolidated as number one in Puerto Rico. Yaucono is an iconic brand that represents our coffee culture and tradition. This is the coffee that has been in every Puerto Rican home and is still preferred by customers. (Retail value: $2.99)

Pocketbook from Anda Pal

laughter is great in any language, but it’s much better in Spanish: Ja Ja. Anda Pal brings us a 12oz thick canvas wallet, fabulous golden zipper, polyester interior with green palm hearts | Materials: 12 oz. Tarpaulin, fabulous golden zipper, polyester lining with fun green palm trees, silkscreen. (Retail value: $16.50)

Earings from Menta P.R.

established in 2017, this online store has become a leader among locally handmade jewelry designers. Their stream line of decorative arts showcases beautiful designs which are light to wear and eye-catchingly delightful. (Retail value: $10.00)

Hot Sauce from Don Bori

with the perfect mixture of tomatoes, habanero peppers, vinegar, onion, pepper, oregano, cilantro, garlic and recao, this pique of Puerto Rico is 100% handcrafted and manufactured by hand. So delicious that you will want to add it to any dish.(Retail value: $4.75)

Eyeshadow Kit from Bettina

Marvelous Matte Eyeshadow Kit in neutral colors. Since its foundation in October 1963, this company has the vision of accentuating the beauty of Puerto Rican women with high quality products and offering their clients an excellent service. Since its inception, it has been the best-selling brand in Puerto Rico. Bettina has taken on the task of finding the best items from around the world to take this brand to another level. (Retail value: $6.00)

Postcard for Mom from Bien Cool

Cool postcards are like you: a faithful believer that a truly special detail is tangible, it is kept in a box of memories for posterity and it contains, expressed in the handwriting, the most sincere feelings that we dare not say directly. “The ‘just because’ for us, is a time that is celebrated throughout the year.” (Retail value: $5.00)

Mint Scrub from Sugar Scrubs Co.

created with green tea and mint and made 100% in Puerto Rico, this delicious exfoliant is soft to the body and skin, delicately composed of natural particles that generate a soft and radiant skin. This product reveals the luminosity of the skin and restores its softness. (Retail value: $6.50)

Candle from Zoe Candles & Scents

aromatic candles made by hand, for any occasion. They are the perfect gift. You can choose your design and customize it with your favorite colors and fragrances. Do you have an idea in mind? Write to them! They can help you create the perfect reminder for your special occasion. (Retail value: $5.00)

Protein Shake from Maga

an excellent source of protein, fiber and calcium, this high-protein shake with oats, almond protein and milk-protein concentrate offers 20 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber per serving. The shake can be used as a meal replacement or protein-diet supplement. (Retail value: $7.99)

Shortbread Cookies from La Orocoveña

although known for its pork and chicken sausages, the landscape and the Orocovis mountains frame the indigenous flavor of Puerto Rican food. The sazón of its people can be felt in every home. The polvorones are shortbread cookies that are delicious to accompany coffee in a snack. (Retail value: $1.50)

Candy from Panky

made for exclusive sale in Puerto Rico, Panky with its rich and tasty milk chocolate filling and a tasty wafer coated with milk chocolate will probably be your children’s favorite snacks. (Retail value: $1.00)

Lady’s Fan

although the fans date from time immemorial, throughout the history of Puerto Rican society, the fan represented a weapon of seduction for women and, with it, a particular language was created among the ‘marriageable’ ladies of high society . Slowly fanning meant “I’m married,” fanning fast meant “I love you.” (Retail value: $6.50)

Recipes from Al Gusto de Rita

using her friends as guinea pigs, Rita has studied, experimented and executed exquisite dishes whose recipes she gives us every month. Enjoy sharing your taste and your humor.

Certificate from Lüks Dermalounge

discount certificate for 50% on face radiofrequency session or 50% in a painless laser hair removal session. Certain restrictions apply. You cannot combine offers. You can buy a maximum of two (2) sessions. Valid until June 15, 2019. (Retail value: $65.00)

Discount coupon from Hotel Embassy Suites Dorado

discount certificate for 15% discount on the Mother’s Day buffet on Sunday, May 12. Offer valid until September 30, 2019. Present this card to receive the bottle of house wine and 15% discount on the Mother’s Day buffet. To receive a 5% discount on the reservation you must mention the reservation code included. (Retail value: $50.00)

Discount Coupon from Happy Habit

discount certificate for $5.00 in-store credit and free shipping when you place an order online. The Habit family wants to give you this coupon so you can enjoy different and beautiful accessories for you and your family. (Retail value: $15.00)

Yesteryear Game

this month we bring you the hot potato game that we played so much as children and that we can now share with our children to follow this beautiful tradition. All the games and their instructions can be found in wepabox.com.