April 2019

Café Rico

Café Rico is vacuum packed, a technique used to preserve the aroma of coffee. Founded in 1924 with the goal of producing the best and purest Puerto Rican coffee, the brand has become a favorite among coffee lovers. (Retail value: $5.50)

Pique Criollo Jappique 787

100% natural and homemade, 500% Puerto Rican. This hot sauce has the right amount of heat, acid and salt that is tasty but not overwhelming. Serves to flavor any dish. (Retail value: $7.50)

Lápiz Labial Cremoso de Bettina

intense color and immediate application that create excellent pigmentation. It contains vitamin E and other natural ingredients that help soften and moisten your lips. Paraben free (Retail value: $7.00)

Sorbeto, Mini Jabón y Exfoliante Para los Pies de Eco Native

It is estimated that in the United States, around 500 million plastic straws are used every day. Reacting to public protests demanding action against a product that is damaging the world’s oceans, Eco Native has created a reusable straw. In addition, Eco Native brings you an organic soap with a luscious aroma, and an excellent exfoliant to pamper your feet. (Retail value: $6.00)

Tiesto de Barro de Honey + Olive Boutique

Sow a seed and give it affection. Grow a flower and enjoy it. Provide a smile to a loved one. Everything begins with sowing the seed that will bring joy. Olive + Honey brings you natural products that fill your life with pleasure and joy. (Retail value: $4.00)

Semillas Orgánicas de Desde Mi Huerto

organic seeds, mostly handcrafted in Patillas. High quality, without the use of insecticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers that are harmful to health and the environment. (Retail value: $2.00)

Pilones de Dulces de Campo

typical sweets made with fresh fruits and under strict quality control. Each snack sweetens the palate of those who savor it and ensure that the product is of the highest quality. (Retail value: $1.99)

Pulserita por Tropical Vices

beautiful bracelet highlighting the map of Puerto Rico so you feel proud wearing this beautiful garment wherever you go. (Retail value: $5.00)


Two delicious and crispy wafers with a delicious sweet cream in between. Enjoyed by all Puerto Ricans of all ages. (Retail value: $1.75)

Galletas Maria

These cookies that are so well known in all Puerto Rican homes have their name stamped on their surface and are said to have been born in London as a gift at the wedding of a Russian grand duchess. Enjoy them with milk or coffee. (Retail value: $0.99)

Taza Artesanal

festive cup gift from WEPA!BOX with bright colors celebrating the beauty of our island. (Retail value: $5.00)

Recetario Al Gusto de Rita

Using her friends as guinea pigs, Rita has studied, experimented and executed exquisite dishes whose recipes she gives us every month. Enjoy sharing her taste and humor.

Certificado y Folleto de Jardín Botánico

special 2X1 ticket, granted to the friends of WEPA!BOX valid for a free second ticket with the purchase of a ticket at regular price. Discounts will only be applied to visitors up to a maximum of three (3) companions. Valid until March 5, 2020. Ticket can be redeemed in only one (1) occasion. In addition, information a leaflet with information about the Botanical Garden. (Retail value: $10.00)

Juego del Ayer

this month we bring you the Señorita Elena game that we played so much as children and we can now share with our children so they may follow this beautiful tradition. All the games and their instructions can be found in wepabox.com.