March 2019

Café Adjuntas

with the freshness of the mountains and from Yayales, a small town located in the mountainous area of the Midwest of Puerto Rico, enjoys great popularity throughout the island. Taste of mountain coffee. (Retail price: $2.99)

Socks by Monkey 23 Fashion Co.

described as magical socks because they are so original that you have to look twice and it is difficult to lose them (as we often do). Far from the norm, these stockings will brighten your day as soon as you wake up and place them on your feet. (Retail price: $12.00)

Don Antonio Mango Artisan Hot Sauce

from Orocovis and Ponce to the world, this craft hot sauce is a passion for those who manufacture it because it is not enough for them to take consumers something out of the routine, but to give them something exquisite and spicy. (Retail price: $7.99)

Con • Sentido Cap

the brand that includes hats and shirts with messages used by Puerto Ricans daily, printed on them and exploited among local youth thanks to social networks. Style and good taste together with joy and fun. (Retail price: $24.99)

Cukis Cookies

vegan, low calorie, low in sugar and delicious, these cookies are handmade by Puerto Ricans and make a good snack for both children and adults. (Retail price starting at: $5.99)

Drink With Style PR Cup

elaborating designs that allude to different aspects of our Puerto Rican culture in flexible and reusable plastic cups. Practical and fun for any occasion. (Retail price: $10.00)

Bookmark by Eyyas

created by François Reyes, these bookmarks serve to remind everyone of the urgency of empowering our women to guide us to a future without discrimination or violence. (Retail price: $9.99)

Small Mortar

a gift from your team at WEPA!BOX PUERTO RICO, a small mortar like that we use so much in our kitchen to prepare everything from our marinade to the most sophisticated dishes. (Retail price: $3.99)

Al Gusto de Rita Recipes

each month, this fun and loving chef supplies us with delicious recipes to share with her beloved people. From the simplest to the most sophisticated dishes, Rita takes us step by step to achieve the precise confection.

Soap by Hidranatura

coupon for a 25% discount valid for all products online. Soaps, scrubs and natural oils handmade by Puerto Rican hands for your enjoyment.

Llilea Fashion Makeup

discount coupon for 15% using the code supplied, valid for its products that are cruelty-free, durable, water-proof, non-toxic, latex-free, non-allergenic, mineral and water retention proof. The coupon expires on June 30, 2019.

Yesteryear Game

we include a crayon so you can enjoy the game of pase misín. If you do not remember the rules of the game, look for them together with other games of yesterday in: