February 2019

Café Crema

Give me the full cup! Café Crema chooses the best grains and for more than 75 years, they have maintained the highest quality in producing their coffee. Medium roast and traditionally milled. Creamy flavors and balanced acidity. Available regular, decaffeinated, instant, express and supreme. (Retail value: $3.99)

Jewelry by GBG Boutique

beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories handmade by Grace in Cayey. Fine craftsmanship of high quality that adorns and embellishes who wears it. (Retail value: $25.00)

Mon Cheri Hazelnut Chocolates

don’t let the name confuse you, it’s not about cherries covered with chocolate. Exclusively available in Puerto Rico, Mon Cheri by Ferrero is a milk chocolate shell over a whole hazelnut surrounded by hazelnut paste and crushed hazelnuts. In other words, a piece of happiness that melts in your mouth, delighting your palate. (Retail value: $2.99)

Cake Toasts from Panciana Bakery Products

extremely versatile, these cake toasts retain their moist and delicate texture, and their crisp and golden edges. They can be eaten with ice cream or whipped cream, butter or fruit jelly. Some use them to decorate the tiramisu. They are always an exquisite dessert for the whole family to enjoy. (Retail value: $3.00)

Ciento en Boca Cookies from Don Juan

delicious and addictive, their most important ingredient is the taste. These cookies have been enjoyed by generations of Puerto Ricans. (Retail value: $1.00)

Lylak Massage Candle

this candle’s aroma is inspired by the ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life known as the Kama Sutra. When melted, it transforms into a sensual and suggestive natural oil. It is the art of living and the nature of love to be shared and directed toward bodily pleasure and the senses. (Retail value: $7.50)

Chocolate by Bajari Handcrafted Chocolates

the name means “high respect and distinction” in the native Taino dialect, and points to the passion inspired by the transformation of ingredients of mythical roots grown in Puerto Rican soil and the tasty treats that they allow us to enjoy. (Retail value: $2.50)

Don Antonio Papaya Hot Sauce

artisanal hot sauce made with natural fruits containing fruit pulp, habanero chili, oregano and vinegar. From Ponce with pride. Seeking excellence to ensure that you enjoy their products and that your imagination explodes when it comes to marinating or dressing. (Retail value: $9.00)

Ceramic Craft Piece

A small but striking reminder of our island through color prints on ceramic pieces. A great gift to delight the hearts of those who long for Puerto Rico. (Retail value: $3.99)

Al Gusto de Rita Recipes

each month, this fun and loving chef supplies us with delicious recipes to share with her beloved people. From the simplest dishes to the most sophisticated, Rita takes us step-by-step to achieve a precise confection.

Certificado de Descuento de Botánica Enjabonada

una marca de jabones artesanales basada en San Juan, creando productos para el cuidado de la piel con ingredientes a base de plantas, buscando un balance entre el bienestar personal y ambiental. (Valor al detal: desde $6.00)

Discount Coupon from Hotel Verdanza

giving away an additional night with any three-night stay in this fabulous modern tropical hotel with elegant design. Located a few steps from the golden sands of Puerto Rico’s best beaches, Verdanza dazzles travelers with a combination of personalized service and boutique-style accommodations. Offer valid for new reservations at regular price, subject to availability. Does not apply for reservations of 10 rooms or more. The coupon cannot be combined with other offers. Valid from 10/31/2018. (Retail value: varies upon length of stay)

Discount Coupon from Salón Boricua

discount certificate for 20% on any purchase of your products that include stickers, buttons /pins and art. Coupon cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon, in-store promotion or online. The coupon applies only to online purchases. Some conditions or restrictions may apply. The discount expires on March 31, 2019. (Retail value: starting from $1.50)

Discount Coupon from Wonderland

discount gift for 10% on all their products and free shipping on the SATO or WEDDING READY T-shirts. All their products carry a message to create awareness and promote equity for all living beings. (Retail value: starting from $10.00)

Heart Candies

favorites during St. Valentine’s, these candies are sure to earn you a hug from your favorite person.

Chequimorena Game

one of the many games that we enjoyed as kids so much with friends and neighbors. If you do not remember the rules of this game, visit our social networks.