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January 2019

Pana Cakes & Baking Mix de Amasar

gluten-free breadfruit flour, without GMO, rich in proteins, high in fiber, low in sodium and, above all, tasty. Nutrition with flavor, easy to prepare. (Retail value: $2.99)

Lip Cream by Betina

the color that slides with a creamy sensation and releases instant color. Only one stroke and the lip is covered spotless; It dries quickly leaving the matte effect that lasts between eight and 10 hours. Completely vegan and free of cruelty against animals. (Retail value: $3.99)

Café Yaucono

“By the taste I know, Yaucono is the best coffee.” We all grew up with the delicious aroma of coffee and their hand-harvested grains are roasted to perfection and processed to obtain an ultra-fine grind that results in their exquisite taste. (Retail value: $3.99)

Besitos de Coco by Orocoveña

the coconut, fruit of the Puerto Rican palm, serves as the basis for this delicious dessert so traditional and that cannot be missing in our homes. (Retail value: $1.99)

Don Rafael Hot Sauce

rich, smooth and creamy hot sauce, with the strong but not overwhelming taste of the coconut pulp, which is its main ingredient. (Retail value: $5.00)

Plantain Flour by Siembra la Tierra

elaborated and packaged in Jayuya, this tasty flour is spectacular for giving an empastelao flavor to your breaded meats. (Retail value: $2.99).

Recipes from Al Gusto de Rita

each month, this fun and loving chef supplies us with delicious recipes to share with her beloved people. From the simplest dishes to the most sophisticated, Rita takes us step-by-step to achieve a precise confection.

Calendar from Banco Popular

the traditional and useful Banco Popular calendar is well-known to all Puerto Ricans and still very sought after at all of their branches.

Hand Drum

one of the instruments that most delights during Christmas caroling and in the presentations of traditional tunas such as the one from Cayey and the University of Puerto Rico’s. It is a hand drum that includes cymbals that vibrate and resonate, marking the rhythm of the song. (Retail value: $4.99)


this useful and decorative tostonera is a symbol of Puerto Rican cuisine. (Retail value: $1.99)

Adoquín Sticker

honoring the cobblestones that form the streets of our Old San Juan, we have created this sticker to make you feel part of the celebration of the Fiestas de la Calle festivities.

Vistas de la Bahia Gift Certificate

gift certificate valid for $50.00, to be used toward any stay at this exquisite hotel located on the beach of Boquerón, listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Tommie Hernandez Discount

recognized for its excellence, this brand of T-shirts, clothes, accessories and swimwear, offers us a certificate valued at $10.00 for purchases made online through its virtual store.

Yahdal Natural Soap

these soaps contain any of a mixture of ingredients drawn from the following list: purified water, olive, coconut and avocado, other fixed oils such as jojoba, hemp or sweet almond, nutrients such as shea butter, and cocoa butter, essential oils for their glorious scents and a range of pigments for color. This month they bring subscribers a 15% discount on their first purchase online.

Gift Certificate from CocoLeé

making the difference in accessories and handmade jewelry worked entirely by hand, CocoLeé gives you a pair of studs with the purchase of $30.00 or more.

Blind-Chicken Game

this is the game of yesteryear that we share with you. If you do not know the game, visit our Facebook page and follow the instructions.